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About Gem City Behavioral Solutions.

Gem City Behavioral Solutions was founded with a mission to provide high-quality behavioral health services to individuals with developmental disorders. The organization began as a small practice focused on providing behavioral therapy, driven by a commitment to evidence-based practices and personalized care. Over the years, Gem City Behavioral Solutions has grown significantly, expanding its range of services to include metal health services, family support services, school and educational services, and comprehensive behavioral assessments. This growth has been fueled by a dedicated team of professionals passionate about improving the lives of individuals. Throughout its history, Gem City Behavioral Solutions has maintained a strong emphasis on collaboration with families and caregivers, ensuring a holistic and supportive approach to treatment. Today, the organization is recognized for its innovative and compassionate approach, helping countless individuals achieve their fullest potential and lead fulfilling lives.



Gem City Behavioral Solutions is proud to announce our candidacy for preliminary CARF accreditation, expected in June of this year. This accreditation will encompass our comprehensive behavioral health services, including specific programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other behavioral health needs.

Company Values


Compassion is a core value that drives our approach at Gem City Behavioral Solutions. It is the foundation of our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each individual we serve. We believe that true compassion involves not only empathy and kindness but also action—taking the necessary steps to alleviate suffering and promote well-being. This means listening attentively, offering unwavering support, and fostering a nurturing environment where clients feel safe and valued. By embracing compassion, we ensure that every interaction is marked by respect, patience, and genuine care, ultimately empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential and lead fulfilling lives.​

Respect is a fundamental value at Gem City Behavioral Solutions, shaping every aspect of our interactions and services. We are committed to honoring the dignity and individuality of each person we serve, recognizing their unique experiences and perspectives. This respect is evident in our dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where clients feel heard and valued. We believe that respect involves active listening, open communication, and a commitment to ethical practices that uphold the rights and autonomy of our clients. By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, we build trusting relationships and ensure that our clients feel empowered and supported in their therapeutic journey.


Justice is a guiding value at Gem City Behavioral Solutions, underscoring our commitment to fairness, equity, and advocacy in mental health care. We strive to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to high-quality, personalized services. Our dedication to justice means actively working to remove barriers and address disparities in the delivery of care, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity for all clients. We advocate for the rights and needs of our clients, standing up against discrimination and bias. By embedding justice into our practices, we aim to create a more equitable and supportive environment where every person can achieve their full potential and experience fair treatment and respect.

Excellence is a cornerstone value at Gem City Behavioral Solutions, driving our relentless pursuit of the highest standards in everything we do. We are dedicated to providing top-tier, evidence-based care through continuous improvement and innovation. This commitment to excellence means investing in ongoing professional development for our staff, incorporating the latest research findings into our therapeutic practices, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance service delivery. Our focus on excellence ensures that every client receives the best possible care, tailored to their unique needs, with an emphasis on achieving optimal outcomes. By maintaining rigorous standards and striving for excellence, we empower our clients to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.


Integrity is a foundational value at Gem City Behavioral Solutions, guiding our actions and decisions with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. We believe in doing what is right, even when it is difficult, and maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. This commitment means being truthful and open with our clients, ensuring that they are fully informed and involved in their care. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions, fostering a culture of trust and reliability. By prioritizing integrity, we build strong, trusting relationships with our clients, colleagues, and the community, ensuring that our services are delivered with the utmost respect and responsibility.

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